Georgian Ventures

Georgian Ventures is an impact-driven consultancy which helps grow startups companies and ecosystems.


Startup Grind

Photo: Bradley Horowitz, Google VP of Product & Mary Grove, Director of Google for Entrepreneurs

Startup Grind Tbilisi is a local chapter of the international Startup Grind network which involves over 300 cities in 110 countries and 1,000,000 participants.  It’s the largest startup network in the world.

Georgian Ventures has also organized a trip for startups and Georgian government to Silicon Valley to participate in the 7000-person Startup Grind Global event and to meet with Georgian diaspora and friends.

We also organize a trip to London for Startup Grind Europe and Startup Nations Summit.

Startup Ecosystems

Georgian Ventures, in collaboration with Crystal Fund and USAID, planned and facilitated a Startup Ecosystem Strategy Retreat over 2 days in Kvareli Georgia.  This retreat gathered leaders in the startup community to reflect on the past and create a vision and priorities for the future.



Early-Stage Investing

Investors routinely express interest in finding good investment opportunities in Georgia.  But few early stage investments take place here.  This is due to a number of factors which can be addressed. In 2018 and 2019 Georgian Ventures will be working with partners to address underlying issues that keep capital from flowing to promising projects.